Websites Yive has worked on

Note: Don't contact Yive to make a website for you, he'll most likely decline the request even if it's a paid job.

SquidHQ - Web Design

SquidHQ's team contacted me to design a bare minimal site for them with only a few pages due to the fact that the site will just be used for primarily downloading their launcher & viewing their FAQ.

Note: I don't own this site.

McConfigs - Web Development & Web Design

Purely a generator for plugin configs, unfortunately only supports a few plugins due to YAML support being quite scarce in PHP.

Note: I own this site.

HeadMc - Web Development & Web Design

Simple site made for listing a whole library of players heads that could be used to help decorate builds in Minecraft.

Note: I own this site.

TCPR - Web Development & Web Design

One of my bigger projects, mainly a site designed to be a mirror for server software for Minecraft servers / networks. The site is fully automatic, sometimes it may break though since automation is still a new area for me.

Note: I own this site.

MCAPI - Web Development & Web Design

My largest project that I still actively develop with roughly around 600 million requests per month. Mainly a site designed to serve as a helper for developers within the Minecraft community such as giving useful features for their website or even making it to implement certain features into their plugins / servers.

Note: I own this site.